Cyber Security Program

As part of its focus to help the Saudi workforce-of-tomorrow acquire in-demand skills of the new economy and achieve a positive career change, Misk Academy has added cyber security to its portfolio of hands-on training courses.  The Cyber Security Accelerated Course is designed for ICT and Network professionals with at least three years field experience in the area of IT and network administration or cyber security. This course is two weeks (10 days) in length and consists of formal classroom presentations, in-class discussions, and hands-on demonstrations and labs.

We will use the readily available and widely recognized MITRE ATT&CK® matrix of threats and adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) as a guide for course presentations and discussions.  Our expert instructors have over three decades of experience in cyber security and will provide students updated information on current and emerging threats, security technologies, and contemporary approaches for defending enterprise network environments.  We will select a subset of the current ATT&CK® matrix which best represents a cross-section urgent security risks and threats facing industry.  

More details about the program like the registration link and dates will be published soon in the Courses section. Stay tuned!