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Data Analytics and Python

Designed for students with a variety of professional backgrounds and experience levels, including beginners, this course takes a deep dive into the data analytics process: collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualization. Get hands-on experience with Excel, SQL, and Tableau, and transform raw data into a critical decision-making tool. As Excel has its limitations when it comes to large data sets, students will learn to use Python to work more effectively with large data sets.

• This live online course offers a learning experience just like physical on-campus classes
• Interactive: Fully live delivery where you can see and communicate with your instructional team and fellow classmates.
• Engaging: Using Slack, a collaboration and chatting app, in conjunction with Zoom, students and instructors are constantly engaging during class.
• Collaborative: Leverage Zoom breakout rooms to work in small groups or meet one on one with your instructor for help or troubleshooting.
• Convenient: Login to class from the comfort of your home or office without the commute.
• Class sessions are recorded so you can go back to review material if you have questions or uncertainties.
• Weekly assignments and labs
• Capstone project
• Full daily attendance required: 9am-5pm, 5 days a week

Who Should Attend This Course?
• Someone who is going to be working with data and needs to develop data analytical skills to apply to their relevant field (digital marketing, finance, UX Design, HR, etc)
• Aspiring data analysts and data scientists- to get them started with the fundamentals and hands on experience of Data Analysis as well as Python Programming.

Course Prerequisites

● Age 18 and up
● Education level: Diploma or higher
● Saudi nationals or individuals whose spouse or mother is Saudi
● Unemployed job seekers (not registered in GOSI in the past 90 days)
● Excellent spoken and written English proficiency
● Knowledge of basic Excel is required. Some experience with SQL is very helpful. No Python is required, but some coding experience is helpful.
● Daily access to a computer, preferably a Mac, and strong online connection
● All applicants must complete all steps in the admissions process
● Commitment to complete all course requirements
● You should only apply to one program. If you’re interested in more than one program, the Admissions team will help you decide, but only apply to one program.
● You may not apply to this program if you are already enrolled in another Misk Academy program.

What You Will Learn

• Clean datasets using Excel’s functionality
• Analyze datasets using visualizations and pivot tables in Excel
• Utilize statistics to describe a dataset and validate the analysis of data
• Create a local SQL database, import data into a local SQL database, and create basic SQL queries from databases
• Aggregate and analyze data using efficiency SQL queries
• Build completing and clear visualizations in Tableau
• Deliver effective presentations with data
• Understand and practice Object Oriented Programming using Python
• Troubleshoot errors within Python.
• Use different Python libraries and modules.
• Use Python for their analysis and data heavy tasks.

By the end of this course students will be able to:
• Make sense of data sets and tell compelling, data-driven stories through data visualization tools to key stakeholders.
• Wrangle, explore, model, and communicate the results of analyses with Excel, SQL, and Tableau.
• Communicate the results of an analysis with Python and pandas after having learned the fundamentals of Python programming and the data analysis workflow.

Available Sessions


Data Analytics and Python, Immersive

Registration Deadline March 09, 2021
6 Weeks
March 14 - April 22

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