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Data Analytics

Designed for learners with a variety of professional backgrounds and experience levels this highly interactive and engaging online course takes a deep dive into the data analytics process: collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualization. Get hands-on experience with Excel, SQL and Tableau. Get exclusive access to leaders in Data and learn how to analyze and make sense of raw data sets to generate insights and tell compelling stories to influence business outcomes and increase ROI. Graduate with a polished capstone project, applying rigorous data analysis techniques to solve a real-world problem and providing objective answers to ambiguous questions.

• In-class experience live at the convenience of your home – all deliverables though Zoom and Slack
• Receive interactive virtual class experience, with a mix of lectures, live-coding, collaborative work and team projects
• Get personalized job support at every step
• Session recordings made available
• Network with other learners
• Get extra attention with one-on-one sessions and project mentoring
• Open doors with industry connections by gaining automatic access to curated job/internship opportunities on upon graduation.

Course Prerequisites

● Age 18 and up
● Saudi nationals or individuals whose spouse or mother is Saudi
● Very good spoken and written English proficiency
● A foundational knowledge of Excel and some beginner experience with data.
● Regular access to a computer and online connection
● All applicants must complete all steps in the admissions process
● Commitment to complete all required courses for the Certificate in 3 months (see courses below)
● Payment of SAR 5,750 (including VAT)
● You may apply to more than one program, but you will only be accepted in one (based on your application). If you really prefer one program, you should only apply to that program.
● You may not apply to this program if you are already enrolled in another Misk Academy program (due to the amount of work).

What You Will Learn

● Explain the value of data
● Utilize statistics to describe a dataset and validate the analysis of data
● Clean datasets using Excel’s functionality
● Analyze datasets using visualizations and pivot tables in Excel
● Create basic SQL queries from databases
● Create a local SQL database
● Import data into a local SQL database
● Create complex queries using joins and other advanced SQL functionality
● Aggregate and analyze data using efficiency SQL queries
● Build completing and clear visualizations in Tableau
● Deliver effective presentations with data

Available Sessions


Data Analytics, Accelerated

Registration deadline: 2 July
2 Weeks
July 5 - July 16

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