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  • Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security Accelerated Course (online) is designed for ICT and Network professionals with at least three years field experience in the area of IT and network administration or cyber security.
The course is two-weeks long (10 days) and consists of formal classroom presentations, in-class discussions, and hands-on demonstrations and labs.
Students will receive updated information on current and emerging cyber security threat actors and attacks, security technologies, and contemporary approaches for defending enterprise network environments.
Demonstrations and hands-on activities will be conducted throughout the course on a state-of-the-art, realistic, cloud-accessible virtual environment – or “cyber range.”
This course uses the readily available and widely recognized MITRE ATT&CK® matrix of threats and adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) as a guide for course presentations and discussions.
Emphasis is placed on tactics known or suspected to be used by threat actors targeting the interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its regional neighbors, and close allies.


You should EITHER currently hold a technical position (job) OR previously held a similar position within the past 5 years. Positions include: system administrators, threat analysts, Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, cyber investigations and forensics technicians, and Help Desk technicians. Executives or managers, such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs), can also participate if they have served in a technical position within the past 5 years and are comfortable with their technical and ‘keyboard’ abilities.


1. Presentation / Facilitated discussion – Instructors present formal topics remotely via audio/video conferencing technology

2. Self-paced – Students research relevant topics, review assigned references, and online content.

3. Facilitated labs – Instructors lead students through hands-on activities utilizing a cyber range virtual environment.

4. Unfacilitated labs – Students perform unassisted hands-on activities or practice using tools and techniques from the course utilizing a cyber range virtual environment.

5. Each day will focus on 4 areas: Tactics, Attack Focus, Defense Focus, and Threat Spotlight.

Course Prerequisites

· Age 18 and up.

· Saudi nationals or individuals whose spouse or mother is Saudi.

· Very good spoken and written English proficiency.

· Experience with the Windows operating system, including operating system fundamentals such as system configuration, user accounts, files and permissions, memory, processes, and services.

· Ability to perform system tasks using command line interfaces in a Microsoft Windows Operating System environment (e.g., PowerShell, cmd.exe, bash).

· Understand basic networking principals such as IP addressing and segmentation, ports, protocols, and processes.

· Understand basic cyber security threats and secure user practices.

· Technical (keyboard and system) skills to perform the hands-on labs.

· Ability to understand technical information about security threats.

· Regular access to a computer and online connection.

· All applicants must complete all steps in the admissions process.

· Payment of SAR 575 commitment fee (refundable upon successful completion of the course)

· You may not apply to this program if you are already enrolled in another Misk Academy program (due to the amount of work).

What You Will Learn

· Information Gathering

· Weakness Identification

· Initial Access Execution

· Persistence Privilege Escalation

· Defense Evasion

· Credential Access

· Discovery Lateral Movement

· Exfiltration Impact

Available Sessions

Cyber Security

Cyber Security, Accelerated

2 Weeks
July 12 - July 23