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Agile Development Specialization

Drive to Value with Agile Methods. Master an adaptive approach to product development

In this Specialization*, developed by the University of Virginia, you will learn the applied skills that enable an agile team to succeed. While applying an evidence-based approach across the four courses, you will practice what you have learned by creating an actionable, adaptive focus for a digital product team. Over the course of the Specialization, you will define what is valuable to the user, design end to end testing, and charter your team with an adaptive view of the right agile practices that make sense for them. You will finish the Specialization with a portfolio-building design brief that demonstrates your learning and specialized skills in agile product development.

Note: Courses include Arabic Subtitles

A Specialization is a group of (4-10) courses including a hands-on Capstone Project that helps you master a certain skill. Once you successfully complete all the required courses including the Capstone, you will earn the Specialization Certificate from Coursera and the University of Virginia, which you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

This is a beginner level specialization for anyone interested in learning more about Agile product development. No prior experience is required.

• All online
• Self-Paced Learning
• 44 learning hours must be completed within 3.5 months (~3 hours per week). Faster completion is possible.
• Course Videos & Readings
• Graded Quizzes
• Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback
• Capstone Project

Course Prerequisites

• Age 18 and up.
• Saudi nationals or individuals whose spouse or mother is Saudi.
• Very good English proficiency (especially reading and writing).
• Regular access to a computer with good online connection.
• Complete all steps in the admissions process.
• Payment of course fee (if accepted).
• You may apply to more than one program, but you will only be accepted in one (based on your application). If you really prefer one program, you should only apply to that program.
• You may not apply to this program if you are already enrolled in another Misk Academy program (due to the amount of work).

What You Will Learn

• Determine what is valuable to a user early by focusing your team on testable narratives and creating a strong shared perspective.
• Drive a focus on outcomes over outputs by facilitating a culture of experimentation and a test-driven, results-driven approach to agile.
• Charter and focus an analytics (and data science) program that enhances your core objectives.
• Iteratively identify and test the right agile practices from leading frameworks such as scrum, XP, and kanban to your team's work.

Available Sessions


Agile Development Specialization, Online

Registration deadline: 15 August
3.5 Months
August 23 - December 12

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