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Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Immersive is a full-time career accelerator that’s designed to transform students from novices to job-ready, full-stack software engineers. In this 12-week course, students become junior-level software engineers by developing their own ideas into functional web applications, creating a portfolio of their work, and embarking on the career path of a software engineer. As a graduate, you’ll leave with a solid base of fundamental programming and computer science knowledge, as well as experience with languages, frameworks, and libraries that local employers demand.

• This live online course offers a learning experience just like physical on-campus classes
• Interactive: Fully live delivery where you can see and communicate with your instructional team and fellow classmates.
• Engaging: Using Slack, a collaboration and chatting app, in conjunction with Zoom, students and instructors are constantly engaging during class.
• Collaborative: Leverage Zoom breakout rooms to work in small groups or meet one on one with your instructor for help or troubleshooting.
• Convenient: Login to class from the comfort of your home or office without the commute.
• Class sessions are recorded so you can go back to review material if you have questions or uncertainties.
• Weekly assignments and labs
• Capstone project
• Full daily attendance required: 9am-5pm, 5 days a week

Who Should Attend This Course?
• Self-taught Coders: People who have begun self teaching and are looking to become professional software engineers in the tech industry
• Recent graduates: People who are looking for direction, structure, and employable skills after graduating
• Career switchers: Coming from a more creative or non-technical background and are often looking for technical skills they need to begin a career in software engineering

Course Prerequisites

● Age 18 and up
● Education level: Diploma or higher
● Saudi nationals or individuals whose spouse or mother is Saudi
● Unemployed job seekers (not registered in GOSI in the past 90 days)
● Excellent spoken and written English proficiency
● Some basic technical experience and computer literacy are required. Coding experience isn’t required but is helpful.
● Daily access to a computer, preferably a Mac, and strong online connection
● All applicants must complete all steps in the admissions process
● Commitment to complete all course requirements
● You should only apply to one program. If you’re interested in more than one program, the Admissions team will help you decide, but only apply to one program.
● You may not apply to this program if you are already enrolled in another Misk Academy program.

What You Will Learn

• Two different back-end frameworks such as Rails (Ruby) and Express.js (JavaScript, via Node.js), Django/Flask (Python), Spring (Java), and other alternative back-end stacks, based on market demand.
• At least one front-end framework such as Angular.js, React.js, Ember.js, or Vue.js
• At least one SQL database (e.g. Postgres) and at least one NoSQL database (e.g. MongoDB)

By the end of this course students will be able to:
• Apply CSS to HTML sites to separate content from presentation/style
• Build custom apps by integrating routing, controllers, views, and databases using Ruby on Rails
• Write JavaScript that allows the browser to communicate with the server without reloading the current page, to do things like validate or save form input and refresh images
• Describe what an API is and how to retrieve data from various third party APIs
• Create more efficient and elegant solutions to problems by applying fundamental computer science concepts to applications

Available Sessions


Software Engineering, Immersive

Registration Deadline March 09, 2021
12 Weeks
March 14 - June 17

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