Misk | Udacity Nanodegrees

Misk Academy pioneered the Saudi online education landscape in 2017 by partnering with Udacity to train Saudis on technical skills to help them enter the job market and enhance their careers. The program was a first in Saudi Arabia and a precursor in online and physical project-based learning serving over 8,000 students in over 50 cities across the Kingdom. Nanodegrees cover foundational, job-ready and advanced programs in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Web, Mobile, Business and other cutting edge fields such as Self Driving Cars, Blockchain and AR/VR.

Nanodegrees are bite-sized online modules co-created with industry leaders and experts targeted to specific job skills. They include short videos, interactive ‘learn by doing’ exercises, and projects evaluated by reviewers to provide detailed, personalized feedback. Misk Academy combines these with weekly physical or virtual Connect sessions where students meet with a live instructor to support them with study goals, facilitate peer-to-peer learning, accelerate pace, build a community, and provide networking and job opportunities. Career modules are also integrated into the learning experience, including five critical career workshops: developing the elevator pitch, resume and LinkedIn review, GitHub review, career portal, and the employer competition.

Misk Academy’s Connect Session