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Misk Academy Entrepreneurship Certification Program

A powerful 7-week mentor program for professionally experienced Saudis entering the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, for those who aspire to develop their ideas, launch their own venture and create jobs.

Apply to join an exclusive group of only 150 Saudi entrepreneurs! If you’re accepted, you will have the opportunity to be mentored by start-up experts from around the world. Over the course of 7-weeks, you learn and develop the strategies you need most to build a success pitch deck, sell your idea, raise money, and launch your new start up. The top 30 projects will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas shark-tank style to a panel of judges. A selection of the top finalists will be funded and enter an incubator program.

All participants will earn a Bronze Entrepreneurship Certificate. The top 30 participants will earn a Silver Certificate that shows the world you’re ready for funding or to join an incubator. A select group of finalists will earn Gold Certificates and be funded or enter the MISK Academy Incubator Program.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

More details about the program like the registration link and dates will be published soon in the Courses section. Stay tuned!