Join our 6600+ community who attended the Misk Academy Udacity program and accelerate your career. This program by Misk Academy in partnership with Udacity aims to build the knowledge and skills needed for work in the digital age. The program offers the most up-to-date content in technology aimed to help learners gain practical knowledge and skills. Our goal is to have real impact on the employability of young Saudis who want to contribute to the Kingdom’s advancement in digital skills.

Program highlights

  • Curriculum built by the industry with more than 200+ experts from top companies including Google, Facebook, Amazon and others
  • Practical learning using real world projects that are manually reviewed by Udacity expert reviewers
  • World class 1:1 mentorship and support
  • Trusted by 100+ enterprise customers world-wide
  • Self-paced learning through the Udacity personalized online learning platform
  • %60 of graduates have seen a positive impact (employment, freelancing, new business, promotions) from Misk Academy Udacity programs in Saudi
  • Misk Academy Udacity program is in more than 30 cities around Saudi

Why take this program?

  • Start a new career
    Develop skills that can help you secure your dream job in data and tech
  • Build a new business
    Learn practical skills that can help you support your business and grow it
  • Develop skills on your current job
    Gain skills to excel at your job, get promoted or shift to another role