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  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Renewable Energy and Water
  • Health
  • Mobility
  • Digital
  • Education
  • NEOM Livability

NEOM Livability

NEOM Community is a residential and office area for NEOM’s staff that will host up to 700 by the end 2020. It’s located just 35 kilometers from the NEOM Bay airport and it will expand over 2021 to include more staff and other facilities.
Ideas can relate to any element of livability. Examples of challenges include:

  • Improving transportation options for residents within the NEOM Community
  • Developing a resident’s engagement app for all community related services
  • Promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles of residents in the NEOM Community
  • Optimizing the consumption of resources (e.g., energy, water, food) within the NEOM Community
  • Identification of upcycling and recycling opportunities that can be implemented within the NEOM Community
  • Developing an app for Gig jobs at NEOM, where NEOM community resident spouses can be hired fast for on-demand and short-term projects.



As participants continue with their journey in this exciting six-week program, create a powerful strategy for their business ideas and prepare for their investor pitch, 10 finalists will be selected to pitch live ‘shark-tank’ style to a panel of judges. Each of the top five pitches will receive a financial reward of SAR 50,000.

SPARK Requirements

  • Attend and participate in a 2-hour session on Sunday and Tuesday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm for 4 weeks
  • Go through the platform material every week
  • Submit the required pitch deck section by Thursday every week
  • Incorporate coach feedback by the final deck submission date.
  • To graduate and earn a certificate, a final deck must be submitted, and all sessions attended.

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